Corporate Tours

Increase your productivity and level of devotion from those within your organization with a trip that they will never forget. MagicBus Tours can create an excursion anywhere your group of 40 or more chooses to venture. We'll do all the work for you, from: booking the buses, accommodations, activities, meals, conference rooms to anything that you wish to include in your tour package. Allow MagicBus Tours to deliver an experience that your group will treasure long after they return.

Our 5 step adventure preparation is easy for you to pursue:

  1. Call us at 780-478-0429 and tell us the details of your journey; availability, attendance and what you wish to achieve.
  2. We will build you a tour package that fits your organizations specific needs.
  3. Customized posters will be supplied for your specific excursion (up to 10 or a single PDF file for e-mail).
  4. Final Payment
  5. Depart for adventure!

It's as easy as that! Good programs need to be easy!

Require a trip suggestion?

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